Working in Partnership to Make Better Decisions

Southern Angel Investors Club members like to work with other groups of private investors. The club comprises members of the former groups, Surrey Investors Club and Angels 5K. We have a particularly close relationship with  Oxford Investment Opportunity Network (OION). We have formed joint syndicates and co-invested, sharing due diligence, relevant expertise and ongoing monitoring.

We enjoy good relations with Finance South East, regional development bodies, government backed initiatives including Innovate UK and The Knowledge Transfer Network. We are keen to work with anyone who shares our ethos and, without any self-serving motive, can assist us or our investees.

If one of our members encounters a company they think may also be of interest to other SAIC members, an invitation to present to our group may be extended. Although our preferred source of deal flow is through people we know (especially those with whom we have co-invested or entrepreneurs we have worked with before), we are also open to suggestions from professionals and are plugged into most commercial intermediaries.